Welcome to Fateful Seven

I’m Sarah, an independent game designer, world builder, game master, and creative. In my works I explore themes of self-discovery, hope, optimism, community, recovery, and compassion.

Below you can find some of my past work and links to purchase them. Any money made on these projects simply goes to the next.

Can’t afford any of my projects? Send me a message via the contact form and I’ll be happy to send you a copy for free! No proof of any kind needed.

“When the end of days arrives and the raging inferno all around you smothers any possibility to heal or for your world to be recovered, what will you need to start over? What will give you the strength to start again?”

This ‘Zine features the contributions of 7 incredible authors and 4 talented artists who have come together to restructure and reshape the way that Rebirth & New Beginnings can happen in your campaign! 

Available on itch.io.

Dowloaded over 2000 times and rated 5 stars – now also available in German and French!

You are a professional actor with a talent for the dramatic. Today is the big day: 
The performance of your lifetime.

 Drama! Drama! (and the Queen) is a one-page fast-paced humorous game about impressing the Queen, while outperforming the other players. To play you need 2-3 players, 5 d6 per player and a piece of paper with a pen.

Available on itch.io

A Call to the Feywild is a short, but expandable encounter fit for a group of four 2nd-level characters featuring a Faerie Dragon as an unwilling switchboard operator.

Available on DMsGuild, featured in Collective Encounters Vol. IV

Cover art by Amanda KemiveŇ°

Cats stalk through the night as nightmares descent upon the village of Eichby, where a wounded soul is caught in the claws of their past.

Night of Remembrance is a Dungeons & Dragons adventure designed to be completed in about 3-5 hours of play by a party of four 4th level characters.

Available on the DMsGuild

Cover art by Catherine High, interior art by Céline Thomas